Announcing Carrington Deans Charity Partner for 2019


Announcing Carrington Deans Charity Partner for 2019


Carrington Dean are delighted to announce Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity as our partnered charity of the year for 2019!

Each year, 173,000 babies, children, and young people are treated at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity raises money to ensure that all the young patients and their families receive the best possible care.

The money raised from our fundraising will enable the charity to enhance medical equipment, projects and services at the children’s hospital to give young patients and their families the extra special care they deserve.

As part of the UK’s Largest Personal Insolvency Services Provider, with over 141,000 clients, we’re in a privileged position whereby we can introduce thousands of people to the fantastic support Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity offers that they previously may not have been aware of.

Paul Mason, CEO of Creditfix, added:

“In our line of work, we meet thousands of families in vulnerable positions, and we understand how circumstances like injuries and long-term illnesses can put more pressure on people financially. We want to support everyone experiencing difficulties by helping them receive the best care they can.”

£11,644 was raised for our partner charity last year, The Mental Health Foundation after fundraising throughout the year, which included hill climbs, a football and golf tournament; bake sales and entrants in The Great Scottish Run.

For 2019, we’ll be working closely with Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity to not only raise a substantial amount of money for them but to utilise their expertise in supporting those facing similar situations within our own customer base.

Kirsten Sinclair, chief operating officer at Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity said:

“Thanks to wonderful supporters like Carrington Dean, we are able to ensure that the 173,000 babies, children and young people treated each year at Scotland’s biggest children’s hospital receive the best possible care. We are delighted to have been chosen as Carrington Dean’s charity partner for 2019 and look forward to an exciting year of fundraising and volunteering with the team.”

You can find out more about Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity on their website,


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