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Budget-friendly family fun: weekend activities that won’t break the bank

Keeping the kids busy on a budget isn’t always easy – especially in the current economic landscape.

Maxine McCreadie
Maxine McCreadie

23rd February 2024


Long-gone are the days for many of us when taking a group of kids to the cinema didn’t cost a small fortune.

So just how do we keep the wee ones in our lives entertained without breaking the bank?

Here we share our top tips for family fun, all while keeping your finances in check.

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DIY Movie Night

Transform your living room into a cosy cinema with a DIY movie night.

Choose a family favourite or a classic flick, make some popcorn, and dim the lights. You can even create tickets and assign roles for added fun.

This inexpensive activity promises endless entertainment and quality time together.


Explore the great outdoors

Let’s face it, there’s no better to go exploring than Scotland. OK,

So the weather might not always be on our side but on a crisp, bright day there’s nothing better than lacing up your boots and getting outdoors (with your waterproofs handy of course).

The National Trust for Scotland provides lots of different ways to explore the great outdoors across the country – many of which are free!


Get crafty

Unleash your creativity by doing a little arts and crafts at home.

Gather up some basic art supplies like paints, markers, and construction paper, and let your imaginations run wild.

You can work on a collaborative family project or create individual masterpieces. It’s an oldie but a goodie – especially on wet weekends.


Visit the library

A trip to the library offers endless possibilities for free entertainment and learning. Explore the aisles together, pick out some books to read, or borrow movies or audiobooks for a cosy night in.

Many libraries also host free events like story time sessions or craft workshops, providing additional opportunities for family fun.


Have a game night

Dust off the board games and get ready for some friendly competition!

Game nights are a fantastic way to bond as a family while enjoying some old-fashioned fun. Whether you prefer classic games like Monopoly and Scrabble or newer favourites, the laughter and excitement can provide hours of fun (and hopefully no arguments!)


Cooking class

Turn your kitchen into a culinary classroom and teach your kids the joy of cooking.

Choose a simple recipe that the whole family can participate in, whether it’s baking cookies, making homemade pizza, or assembling colourful salads.

Not only will you save money by cooking at home, but it teaches the kids lots of valuable life skills, including counting, measuring and of course learning how to cook.


Spending time is more important than spending money

We all know quality time with your family doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. But sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ideas.

Hopefully you can take some inspiration from these low-cost activities, and can create lasting memories without putting a strain on your finances.

Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, but how much time you spend together.

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Maxine McCreadie
Maxine McCreadie

Maxine is an experienced writer, specialising in personal insolvency. With a wealth of experience in the finance industry, she has written extensively on the subject of Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Protected Trust Deed's, and various other debt solutions.

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