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Business Recovery

The Carrington Dean Group have resources which allow us to support you and your business, regardless of whether you are a sole trader, a Partner in a firm or a director of a Limited Company. We can assist you in all aspects of day-to-day business management, not only during tough times but also by creating a ‘Business Improvement Plan’ specifically to suit your business model and keep you on the road to recovery. If you would like to discuss your needs then speak to one of our experts or read on to find out more about the business services we can provide. The following are just some of the services we can provide, which will of course depend on your specific business needs.

In this guide

Business Review

When we conduct a business review at Carrington Dean, we carry out an independent, impartial assessment of your business using our industry professionals. Our experts review your business from top to bottom and give you an honest assessment as to what you are doing well, but also what we believe could be improved upon.

Support Services

Many smaller businesses cannot afford a separate IT, HR or Finance department to organise their business. Also, individuals may know their trade well but find it difficult to run their business efficiently.
The Carrington Dean Group has resources at its disposal that can help support you and your business on the road to recovery whether that is employing the experience of our dedicated professionals, or offering you support in other forms (book-keeping, accounting, finance, IT, sales).

Cash Flow

We have a network of contacts that can assist your business by providing a cash injection to steady the cash flow into your business. This can help ease the burden on lines of credit, giving your business the necessary breathing space it needs to thrive.

Debt Collection

If your customers are failing to pay you on time, Carrington Dean can help you by providing access to a network of contacts that specialize in the recovery of aged Debtors.

Interest Rate Swap & Tailored Business Loan Redress

If your business was sold an interest-rate swap or tailored business loan, you may be able to claim redress. Contact banking experts Veritas Treasury.

If the solutions above fail to remedy the situation then corporate insolvency solutions can be explored. By speaking to Carrington Dean and addressing the problem, you are taking the first step to protecting your business and ensuring your business has a future. Our Business Recovery team has many years of experience in recognising business problems and is able to implement business controls, swiftly and easily, to help your business stay on the road to recovery.

9 Signs of a Business in Trouble

If you recognise any of the warning signs below then speak to one of our experts today. The sooner you speak to us, the easier it will be to get your business back on track and prevent the need for formal insolvency.

Please contact a member of our team if you recognise any of the following:

  • Do you have a personal guarantee for bank lending to your business? 
  • Is the cashflow into your business decreasing, while your overheads are increasing?
  • Is your business experiencing a drop in sales?
  • Are your margins on profits being squeezed by a competitive market place?
  • Are you unable to pay creditors as debts become due?
  • Are you stretching the credit terms that are being extended to you? 
  • Are customers extending their payment terms to 60 or 90 days on a regular basis?
  • HMRC are as much a creditor as your suppliers. Are you struggling to pay PAYE or VAT?
  • Do you have bad debts from customers failing to pay, ceasing trading or becoming insolvent? Will this impact your ongoing business as well as your short-term cash flow?

Taking immediate action when you start to see these warning signs could be the difference between saving your business and being faced with insolvency. Contact us on 0141 221 2323 to find out how we could help you.

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