Money-saving tips for a happy Easter


With the current cost of living crisis forcing millions to cut back on unnecessary expenses, a growing number of people are worried about being able to afford to treat their families this Easter.

It may be a time for giving but with 63% of the population expected to spend a total of £892 million on gifts and chocolate in the run up to Easter alone, the cost of keeping your kids entertained for a fortnight can leave you with a dent in your wallet.

If you are worried about the impact the school holidays will have on your finances this year, you are not alone. We’ve compiled a list of creative ways to cut costs so you and your loved ones can have an eggcellent time without compromising on fun.


Look for ‘kids eat free’ deals

The current economic climate may be making its impact known on families up and down the country but with supermarkets, restaurants, and pubs stepping up to the plate, you can treat your kids (and your finances) to a free or discounted meal for a limited time.

M&S Café, Bella Italia, and YO! Sushi are just some of the many retailers participating so if you are on the hunt for a last-minute activity this bank holiday, you can keep your kids entertained and fed for less just by dragging them along with you to the weekly food shop.

Some deals are only eligible with a paying adult or minimum spend purchase but with discounts running until the end of the month, there are substantial savings to be made if you know where to look.


Get crafty

If you don’t mind getting a bit messy, school holidays are the perfect opportunity to get your kids involved in a good old-fashioned homemade arts and crafts project.

Whether you see yourself as a minimalist or believe in going big or going home, unleashing your inner artist can kill time and unnecessary costs when you are in need of a cheap and cheerful indoor activity.

This can range from crafting homemade cards for your loved ones to constructing a wreath for your front door with a quick internet search pulling up thousands of instructional videos and how-to guides for DIYers on both ends of the skills spectrum.

You may even end up uncovering a hidden talent and selling your hand-crafted creations online as a fun little money-maker when times are tough.


Dress for less

With the high street already inundated with pastel-coloured clothing and egg-shaped accessories, it can be tempting to fill your trolley with bonnet hats, bunny ears, and straw garlands as a surprise gift for your kids.

If your impulse purchase is only likely to see the light of day for a few hours before being stashed away for another 12 months, however, resisting the urge can protect your purse strings in the long run.

To dress for less this Easter, dig out last year’s purchases or stitch handmade additions onto old garments for a unique product that your kids will treasure for years to come.


Stock up on reduced goods

If you don’t mind waiting a few days, the day after Easter Sunday can be a gold mine for savings-savvy consumers looking to stock up on reduced goods.

If you refuse to eat anything other than chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this weekend, however, it may be worth shopping around for an own-brand egg for an equally tasty treat that costs a fraction of the price.

When it comes to decorations, the days leading up to Easter are the perfect time to bag a bargain with most shops looking to offload their seasonal stock for pennies.


Look for discounted attractions

To keep your kids entertained this school holidays, keep an eye out for attractions in your local area offering discounted tickets or free entry for children or families.

As a parent, a trip to a theme park, museum, or theatre can be a fun day out for the entire family that doesn’t break the bank.

If your kids are early risers, some cinemas also offer discounted tickets for early showtimes so you can beat the crowds and beat the crunch on a rainy day.

With this month’s price surges leaving millions of households teetering on the brink of the breadline, it can be difficult not to worry about the financial burden of the school holidays. By planning ahead and making minor tweaks to your spending habits, however, you can treat your family on a budget and have a happy Easter.



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