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More than 1,000 Scots a day taken to court over debts

The number of people subjected to legal action over unpaid debts has risen by 20% – the equivalent of 1,000 Scots a day being taken to court, according to data from the Accountant in Bankruptcy.

Almost 380,000 debtors were the subject of legal moves to recover debt in 2013-14 , with the majority of cases involving unpaid council tax which amounted to 80% of all actions. There was also a 44% increase in legal actions related to personal loan and credit card debt.

Data suggests that Scots are struggling more than the rest of the UK with council tax arrears and payday loan debt. Council Tax arrears in Scotland are almost double the UK average of £798 while average payday loan debt in Scotland is £1,438 which is £129 higher than the overall UK figure.

There are a number of debt solutions available to people worried about potential court actions by creditors, these include a Debt Arrangement Scheme and a Protected Scottish Trust Deed which legally prevent creditors from taking legal action to recover debt.