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National Record Store Day 2023: How much could your vinyl collection be worth?

Music fans could be on a financial high note this National Record Store Day as research shows vintage vinyl are selling for thousands of pounds online.

Maxine McCreadie
Maxine McCreadie

14th April 2023


While for many maestros the annual event, taking place on April 22, is an opportunity to acknowledge the vintage culture and community surrounding independently owned record stores, for many it could be a chance to cash in.

Carrington Dean looked at Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists and used eBay purchasing trends to find out just how much records, both vintage and more recent, were being auctioned for over the last six months, to reveal which records hold the most value.

The research comes as UK vinyl sales hit a record high in 2022 at £116.8 million – 16% more than CD sales for the first time in 35 years.

Anyone who owns any of the vinyl albums from the list below could be sitting on a hidden gem and potentially in for a financial windfall.

The highest-value records  

Rank Record Release  Year Recently sold price  
1 The Beatles – Please Please Me  Album  1963 £5,100.00
2 David Bowie – Space Oddity Single  1969 £3,200.00
3 Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon  Album  1973 £3,151.00
4 Beyonce – How To Make Lemonade  Boxset  2016 £2,750.00
5 David Bowie – The Deram Anthology Album  1967 £2,700.00
6 The Beatles – The Beatles White Album  Album  1968 £2,650.00
7 The Who – Zoot Suit  Single 1964 £2,500.00
8 Led Zeppelin – 1 Album  1969 £2,400.00
9 Elvis Presley – Christmas Album  Album  1957 £2,111.55
10 Elvis Presley – Milkcow Blues Boogie  Single 1954 £2,100.00
11 Paul McCartney – McCartney  Album  1970 £1,999.99
12 Led Zeppelin – 2 Album  1969 £1,636.37
13 Santana – Abraxas  Album  1970 £1,450.00
14 Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin  Album  1963 £1,440.57
15 Elvis Presley – Money Honey  Album  1957 £1,424.43
16 Queen – Night at the Opera Album 1975 £1,415.34
17 The Beatles – Revolver  Album  1966 £1,341.00
18 Lady Gaga – Born this way  Album  2011 £1,300.00
19 Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited  Album 1965 £1,121.62
20 Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for destruction Album  1987 £1,035.39

What are the most valuable records? 

The Beatles are arguably one of the most influential bands in music history with worldwide album sales topping 600 million

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive LP was their 1963 pressing of their first album Please Please Me which recently sold for a whopping £5,100. Legendary pop icon, David Bowie followed with the hugely popular Space Oddity which went for £3,200. 

Also making the top five is Pink Floyd, Beyoncé and a second appearance from David Bowie with fans forking out up to £3,000. 

Our analysis showed that big sixties artists like David Bowie, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Who and Led Zeppelin appear to have the most valuable pressings – averaging at £3,216.

Interestingly, only two albums post-millennia made it into the top 20, Beyonce’s 2016 album, How to Make Lemonade, and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way from 2011. 

The least expensive records to buy

Record Release  Year Recently sold price  
Beyonce – Renaissance  Album  2022 £129.97
Barbra Streisand – Color Me Barbra  Album  1987 £128.47
The Temptations- Why You Wanna Make Me Blue Single 1964 £120.00
Nickelback – Dark Horse Album  2008 £120.00
Foreigner – Head Games  Album  1979 £116.46
The Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D Album  2009 £115.00
Justin Timberlake- Can’t Stop the Feeling  Single 2016 £113.00
John Mellencamp – The Collection  Album  1989 £109.09
Bryan Adams – Reckless  Album  1984 £106.34
Huey Lewis and The News- Collected  Album 2017 £103.86
Celine Dion – Colour of my Love  Single 1990 £101.00
Nickelback – Silver Side Up  Album 2003 £100.00
Daryl Hall John Oates- H20 Album 1980 £99.00
Earth, Wind and Fire- Party Invitation  Single 1979 £99.00
Donna Summer – Bad Girls  Album  2021 £89.69
Three Dog Night – Harmony  Album  1971 £87.34
Paula Abdul – Spellbound  Album 1991 £72.79
Olivia Newton John – Totally Hot  Album 1978 £69.63
Maroon 5- Songs About Jane  Album 2002 £59.95
Boyz II Men – Cooley High Harmony  Single  1991 £49.99

The latter 20 are a variety of artists ranging from pop to R&B. With it being out less than a year, Beyoncé’s latest album, Renaissance, came with a price of £129.97 which is still worth a pretty penny for fans. 

Many of the 90’s and 2010’s artists on the list fell victim to the rise in CD sales and streaming services, meaning their vinyl offerings don’t command the same value. However, Beyonce’s Renaissance shows a turn in the tide for new vinyl value, with the latest album worth £129.97 for fans.

Cashing in on old records

If you’re fortunate enough to have an original Beatles or Bowie release gathering dust, it could be worth getting it valued.

Head to your local record store for advice or check similar items recently sold online for an idea of how much you could be sitting on.

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Using the Rolling Stones Top 100 Artists of all-time list, Carrington Dean looked at Ebay purchasing trends of vinyl records from the last 6 months. 

Using this method, we compiled a dataset with the most expensive records to uncover the most expensive albums or singles from the most popular artists. 

Data correct as of April 2023. 

Maxine McCreadie
Maxine McCreadie

Maxine is an experienced writer, specialising in personal insolvency. With a wealth of experience in the finance industry, she has written extensively on the subject of Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Protected Trust Deed's, and various other debt solutions.

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