Our Charity work


Our Charity work

We extend our support to the local charity community and help people prosper.

Each year Carrington Dean nominates a Scottish charity as our official charity partner and this year we’re thrilled to pledge our support to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity (GCHC).

As Scotland’s largest independent debt help organisation we are fortunate to be in a position to champion such a respected local cause and are delighted to be able to introduce thousands of people to services available which they may not have been aware of.

From getting on our bikes to taking on the mighty Kilt Walk and everything in-between we have an action-packed events calendar lined up for the year as we push towards raising as much money as possible for the remarkable organisation.

Paul Mason


"We meet thousands of families in vulnerable positions and understand how circumstances such as injuries and long-term illnesses can put pressure on people financially.

We want to extend our support by helping them receive the best care they can and are delighted to support the Financial Inclusion scheme at the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity this year."

- Paul Mason, Chief Executive Officer Carrington Dean

Kirsten Sinclair


"Thanks to wonderful supporters like Carrington Dean, we are able to ensure that 173,000 babies, children and young people are treated each year at Scotland’s biggest children’s hospital receive the best possible care.

We are delighted to have been chosen as Carrington Dean’s charity partner for 2019."

- Kirsten Sinclair, Chief Operating Officer Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity

Putting families first

Every year 173,000 babies, children and young people are treated at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow.

The GCHC plays an integral role in ensuring that every patient at Scotland’s largest children’s hospital receives the special treatment they deserve.

Originally known as Yorkhill Children’s Charity, the GCHC was founded in 2001 with one simple mission – to help children and their families treated at Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

Since then the charity has invested more than £30 million in Glasgow’s children’s hospital thanks to the generosity of donors, fundraisers and volunteers who work tirelessly to make sure that Scottish youngsters receive the best possible care.

Glasgow has long been known as a pioneer of children’s healthcare since the first hospital for sick children opened in the city in 1882 and passion for helping youngsters in their time of need and the advancement of children’s health care continues to this day.

The GCHC raises vital funds to help those who commit to caring for and nurturing the lives of Scottish youngsters when they’re at their most vulnerable. Investing in equipment, research as well as the continued improvement of facilities and services for children and families in hospital is at the heart of every fundraising endeavor to ensure the very best support for Scotland’s young people.

Financial Inclusion Service

When faced with the reality of caring for a youngster in hospital, every day tasks that would typically come as second nature are understandably often forgotten about.

The Financial Inclusion Service run by the GCHC is one of the most valued services offered by the charity and one which we’re proud to support.

This service provides a vital lifeline to hundreds of families every year who find themselves in need of financial assistance whilst their little one or youngster is receiving care. From something as simple as covering travel costs to hospital appointments to more complex issues, the service offers invaluable aid to people during the hardest and darkest days of their lives.

At Carrington Dean we know just how much an unexpected life event can impact a family’s financial future and are pleased to donate all funds raised to this incredibly important service.

We've helped so many others just like you.