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Avoiding debt at Christmas

Five Tips to Avoid a Christmas Debt Hangover

Christmas should be a happy and festive time, but it is not for everyone. For some, it is a time of reflection, not ...

wage arrestment

Local Authorities most likely to use Sheriff Officers

New statistics produced by the Scottish Government have revealed that Scottish Local Authorities are more likely to arrest the wages and

cyber monday

Staying out of debt on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

They’ve always been smart: the marketers, the advertisers, the manufacturers and the sellers of all things beautiful, knowing just how to eke ...

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Older couple

Can Debt Be Written Off In Old Age?

The Scottish Parliament has passed new legislation to update and clarify when debts in Scotland are written off because of old age. The ...

Rent arrears

Rising Rent Arrears Blamed on Universal Credit

Citizen Advice Scotland (CAS) has published a new report that says the overwhelming factor behind the 47% increase they have seen in ...

My wages have been arrested: Frequently Asked Questions.

Wage arrestments, or as they are properly known, earning arrestments, are carried out in Scotland by sheriff officers. An Earnings Arrestment Order (EAO) ...

How Debt Affects Your Mental Health

Here’s wishing you happy mental health – not just today but all year round. As we’re beginning to talk more ...

Sheriff Officers have arrested my Bank Account… What now?

In Scotland, if you owe money and a Sheriff Officer is instructed to recover that money from you, one of the most likely ...

Online gambling

The Negative Impacts of Gambling

Around half of men and women in the UK admit to gambling every month. That’s right — half. At first it sounds like ...

Breathing space

New Rules for the Debt Arrangement Scheme

The Scottish Debt Arrangement Scheme is changing. The changes which are being introduced by the Scottish Government have been ...

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