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Saving on a low income

How to save on a low income

We’ve all been there, staring at your bank balance each month watching your money leave your account as quickly as it comes ...

Woman looking at bill

What is a charge for payment?

Charges for Payments are legal demands for payment, served by Sheriff Officers and give 14 days ...

Summary warrant

What Is a Summary Warrant?

Summary Warrants are the equivalent of a court order but are only issued for certain types of debt, like

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council tax

Scotland’s Council Tax Bills Set to Rise

With Most Scottish Council’s now having set their budgets, over the coming weeks, millions of households across Scotland will see their

Breathing space

What is Scotland’s Breathing Space?

If Sheriff Officers arrest your wages? What can you do?If they freeze your bank account, what options are available?If someone you ...


How to Manage Money as a Couple

Managing money can be one of the most stressful aspects of a relationship. In the past, people got married and combined both of ...

Debtor prison

Can You go to Prison For Not Paying Your Debts?

Earlier this month, payday lender, Quick Loans, who charge up to 1,575% on their loans, called for debtor prisons to be brought back to ...


Announcing Carrington Deans Charity Partner for 2019

Carrington Dean are delighted to announce Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity as our partnered charity of the year for 2019!Each year, 173,000 babies, children, and ...

Paying more towards your mortgage

Should Scots be paying more towards their mortgages?

A new survey from Which?, the Consumer Association body, has found Scots are less likely to be making overpayments to their mortgages than ...

2019 financial resolutions

2019 Financial New Year’s Resolutions

It’s now 2019, the festive period is officially over and most people are back to work. Now is the time when we are ...

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