Grant could help those struggling with energy costs


People struggling to cover the cost of their energy bills could be eligible for a £750 support fund.

It comes as millions of households have been left worried about paying for their bills as the cost of living crisis grips the nation.

And with a planned National Insurance increase and the upcoming 54% energy price cap on the horizon in April as well as continuous price hikes in food and fuel, it’s hardly surprising why people are so concerned.

However, people across the UK are being encouraged to check if they’re eligible for a new £750 grant from the British Gas Energy Trust to help cover spiralling costs.

What is the British Gas Energy Trust?

No matter what energy company you are with, the British Gas Energy Trust can offer support if you’re worried about paying for energy bills.

The independent Trust was set up in 2004 to support families and people facing financial hardship and energy debt across England, Wales and Scotland.

From providing benefit support to helping you access grants, the Trust can help you find the best solution to the difficulties you may be facing. 

However, it’s important to be aware that before you can apply you must already have spoken with your energy supplier about your current circumstances, local money advice service or a debt help company.

What is the British Gas Energy Trust winter fund?

The British Gas Energy Trust has launched a £2million fund that will support the most financially vulnerable British Gas clients who struggle to pay their bills this winter. 

British Gas set up the fund in response to the increasing cost of living and rising inflation, including the recent Ofgem price cap increase.

If you’re an eligible British Gas customer and owe between £250 to £750 are able to apply for grants to help pay towards their energy bills over the coming months. 

The grant is available on top of any other grants currently available and will remain open until the end of March, or until the full £2million has been awarded.


How much is the grant worth?

You can apply for grants between £250 – £750 towards your outstanding gas and electricity bills.


How do I apply for the grant?

Before you apply it’s important you speak with your energy supplier to try and resolve your situation or speak with a debt help company for advice. 

The Trust will want to understand how you will be able to manage your energy costs in future. This is why you should seek professional money advice before applying, as there may be other routes which are more suitable for your situation

After this you can apply for the fund on the British Gas Energy Trust website.

You’ll be asked to share your household income, including all of the adults you live with, as well as details of any savings and a meter reading of your gas and electricity account. 

The Trust will review your application against an existing set of criteria to identify those most in need of support.

Debt relief grants are available to both British Gas customers and customers of other energy suppliers, however, full eligibility criteria can be found here.


What if I’m struggling with other debts?

If you’re worried about covering the cost of more than just your energy bills it’s important to seek advice as soon as possible.

Talking about debt isn’t easy but buying your head in the sand can’t be an option – especially as the cost of living continues to rise.

There are debt help professionals who can help you find a solution to manage your debt. They can use specialist legislation to reduce your payments into one affordable monthly payment, freeze interest and charges and in some cases even write off a percentage of debt.

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