World Mental Health Day 2021


Mental health has never been more important, personally or professionally. Given what we’ve all been through over the last two years, it’s crucial that we keep our mental health front-of-mind, and what better excuse to check in with ourselves than a global holiday?

With World Mental Health Day 2021 falling this Sunday, October 16, we thought now would be a good time to explain what it is, how we’re marking the occasion, and what you can do to get involved yourself.

What is World Mental Health Day?

October 16th 2021 is World Mental Health Day, a day to raise awareness of mental health issues and reduce the stigma surrounding them.

The origins of the holiday can be traced back to 1992, when the World Federation for Mental Health organised an international conference in Madrid which was attended by people with lived experience of mental health issues. 

The date October 16th was chosen as it marked the anniversary of when physician Dr. Jules Reuel had opened up his home in New York to provide a safe space for people living with mental health issues. 

Now, every year on the 16th of October, people are encouraged to raise awareness of mental health and mental health issues in their own way. 

Why is World Mental Health Day so important?

World mental health day is an important one for many reasons; not least of which because there’s still a lot of work to be done when it comes to the stigmas that surround mental health issues.

Mental health is something that affects us all at some point in our lives, whether personally or through the people we care about. It’s important to remember this if you choose to get involved in World Mental Health Day 2021.

The day isn’t just for people who are living with mental health issues themselves, but also their families and friends too, as a way to show that we understand they’re having trouble, that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and that we’ll do everything we can to support them.

How are Carrington Dean marking World Mental Health Day?

When it comes to mental health, little things can go a long way. You’d be surprised to know how much it means to people when you just let them know you’re thinking of them. 

That’s why this World Mental Health Day, the team at Carrington Dean are sending every single staff member a brochure with 5 tips for mental wellbeing (plus a little treat to sweeten things up!)

These tips will help our team relax, regroup, and reduce stress – and we think they might be useful for you too. 

5 tips to reduce stress and anxiety


1. Stay organised

You only have 24 hours in a day. Make sure you make the most of every moment and reduce stress with a simple to-do list.


2. Get moving

It’s no secret movement helps to destress and reduce anxiety. Something as simple as a walk or any exercise reduces stress hormones and releases mood-boosting endorphins and dopamine.


3. Sleep well

It’s important to get around 8 hours of sleep every night. Make sure your bedroom is a relaxing environment. Keep it dark and technology free to allow you to really unwind after a long day.


4. Eat healthily

Eating whole foods, fruit, veg and lean proteins may reduce your stress levels and boost your immune system. Are you a coffee fanatic? Try cutting your caffeine intake to 2 cups a day.


5. Take some “me time”

No one can be on it all the time – not even Beyonce! Don’t be afraid to switch off your phone and enjoy a little “me time”. Read, listen to music, binge watch your favourite series – take time to check in with yourself and do the things you love.

How can I get involved in World Mental Health Day?

There are plenty of ways you can raise awareness and show your support for World Mental Health Day this Sunday. Here’s a few ideas: 


Organise an event in your workplace to talk about mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression (and how these affect work) with the help of some professional speakers. 


Pledge to do something different everyday this week that has a positive impact on your wellbeing, and encourage the people around you to do so too. It could be as simple as making time for some mindfulness or meditation every day, or getting out in nature more often than usual.


Donate money to an organisation working towards mental health issues like The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), Mind, or The Mental Health Foundation.


Follow @HealthDayUK on Twitter and retweet their World Mental Health Day 2021 posts to help raise awareness of mental health issues in young people, create a conversation around what World Mental Health Day is, and encourage more people to get involved in celebrating this important day. You can also use the hashtag #WorldMentalHealthDay.

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