Seven steps to summer savings


Seven steps to summer savings


Think of soaring utility bills and the cold winter months more than likely spring to mind.

However, covering the cost of a spike in energy costs isn’t just confined to the cold and dark winter months.

As temperatures rise across the country so too do the cost of everyday utilities, and with youngsters making the most of the school holidays and spending more time at home the surge is power use can be undeniable.

For thousands of families living across Scotland covering the cost of energy bills can often be easier said than done, making utility bill debt one of the most common problems Scots face.

It can be easy to overlook utility bills when planning your budget – especially if you pay quarterly – which is why it’s important to keep on top of things by setting aside money every month to cover all bills and put a little extra away ahead of periods of high usage.

However, as well as a little forward planning there are other ways you can help reduce the cost of your energy bills throughout the summer. Here we shine a light on seven tips to make summer saving simple.

Summer saving tips

1. Turn on to LED bulbs

Did you know that lighting accounts for 15 per cent of energy bills? According to Hoppy.co.uk switching to LED bulbs as opposed to using traditional bulbs could save you an average of £7 a year.

2. Take time to switch off

Don’t fall victim to energy vampires this summer by ignoring electronic gadgets or appliances that use energy whilst plugged in but not in use. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that an average UK household will spend between £50 and £80 a year on this unnecessary cost.

Common household items known to zap electricity when not in use include video game consoles, portable fans, hairdryers and set top boxes.

3. Recharge during the day, not night

How often do you recharge your mobile phone or laptop over night? It something most people do without giving it a second thought, however, according to energy supplier Utilitia a whopping 95 per cent of energy used by mobile charges is wasted once the batter is full. Just keeping an eye on that little energy bar loading up during the day and turning the charge off once full can save households £60 a year.

4. Close the blinds

Let’s be honest, Scotland isn’t a country known for its tropical climes so when the temperature does eventually soar our homes aren’t prepared to deal with the heat. Instead of reaching for the electric fan, close the blinds or your curtains in a bid to keep cool.

According to reports 40 per cent of unwanted heat gets into your house through windows in the summer. Shading rooms from sunlight, especially when you leave the house, is a simple way to keep them cool and save on electricity costs.

5. Summer style wrapped up

If the inevitable happens and the Scottish summer temperatures take a dip, don’t reach for a jumper instead of reaching for the thermostat. Figures from Hoppy.co.uk show that reducing your central heating by just one degree can save an average of £75.

6. Water-way to save

According to Energy.gov water heating accounts for around 18 per cent of the energy consumed in your home. During the warmer months turn down the temperature of your water header to the warm setting (120°F) to save energy.

7. Use the barbeque

Al fresco dining is also a simple way to cut down summertime en ergy costs. Trying to cook in a hot, steamy kitchen can be unbearable at the best of times never mind when the sun is blazing outside. Figures from smartenergy.com show that eat-producing appliances can raise a kitchens temperature by 10 per cent.

Save yourself the sweat and higher utility bills by taking the kitchen outdoors and throwing burgers on the grill.

However, for those already struggling with utility bill debt little changes might not seem to make an impact. If you’re in need of additional advice and support, our friendly advisors are happy to discuss your circumstances and provide a range of options available to you. Remember, our support is free and impartial – allowing you to make the most of your summer.

You could write off up to 75% of unsecured debt with our debt assistant.

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